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Deciding to seek the help of a therapist is a big step. 
Your life may have been destabilised by personal or professional crisis or perhaps you have lived for some time with pervading unhappiness or maybe just unease or a sense that you are missing something.

What I offer can help with a wide range of emotional, behavioural and relationship issues, including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, bereavement and other forms of loss, relationship difficulties, confidence issues, issues with attachment, life transitions, hopelessness and loneliness, suicidal ideation, self-harm, risk-seeking behaviours, sexual difficulties, abuse, shame, guilt, anger, fear, phobias, compulsions and personality disorders.

Emma Osler  | Psychodynamic Psychotherapist |  London

My Approach

Having a confidential space to talk can bring enormous relief in itself and simply articulating what's on your mind to somebody trained to listen can bring a meaningful shift. But if we work together, I will also be noticing patterns and making links, and I will be interested in how your past might affect how you experience the world now and are able to face what life throws at you.

I practice psychodynamic psychotherapy, which means that as we think together about your experiences, thoughts and feelings, I will be paying particular attention to what may be going on unconsciously.

Many of us already 'know' what has happened to us; what may be lacking is true emotional understanding of how we are affected.

It is this that leads to lasting change.


It can be daunting working out what sort of therapy might be helpful to you, let alone which individual therapist to make contact with. Personal fit with your therapist is important and we would start with a phone conversation, followed by ideally two face-to-face consultations, a week or two apart, for you to get a feel for me and my approach.

If we agree to continue, sessions would be in-person, weekly, each lasting for 50 minutes.
The process can take some time and therapy is generally open-ended.

My consulting rooms at the Margaret Street Practice are just a few minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station in central London.

Margaret Street Practice
39 Margaret Street

Please get in touch confidentially by phone or email using the contact details below.



Training and qualifications

I have an MA from Oxford University and a Postgraduate Diploma in psychodynamic psychotherapy, having trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. I am registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council and the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists.


I have previously worked as a psychotherapist in the charity mental health sector and two NHS Trusts. Alongside my private practice, I work as an honorary psychotherapist in the Trauma Service at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

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